As the “almost forgettable-didn’t do too well in the box office” romantic comedies that actually got thousands of high ratings back in 1990, Tune In Tomorrow is a rom-com with a real glimpse of jazz atmosphere running the whole plot’s background. Some jazzlovers might known the Wynton Marsalis’ soundtrack better than the movie itself.  Starred Keanu Reeves in his early role, Barbara Hershey, Peter Falk and many well-known supporting actors-actresses (incl Elizabeth McGovern, Peter Gallagher, & John Laarquette), this movie directed by Jon Amiel (known famously for Sommersby & Entrapment) is based on Mario Vargas Llosa’s bestselling novel, Aunt Julia & The Scriptwriter (the title for UK release), and this is our week’s recommendation to all of you.

The Plot

Sets in 1950’s New Orleans , a news writer for a local radio station, Martin Loader (Reeves) falls in love with his own divorced aunt Julia (Hershey). This unique affair got used by the new-in-town eccentric radio soap opera writer, Pedro Carmichael (Falk) who’s been hired to boost the station’s bad ratings. Soon, Pedro begins manipulating every aspects of Martin-Julia relationship to win his career, and all breaks lose. Now everyone has to tune in tomorrow to discover how it all turns out!